Friday, September 9, 2011

Guess What?

In 14 days and 16 hours I am getting murried to my best friend! Life has been kind of crazy lately trying to get everything organized and making sure everyone is on the same page and needless to say its been stressing me out - enter snappy kaitlin. I usually only get snappy when I forget to feed myself for a couple of hours, but trying to please everyone with this wedding has sadly brought out my snappiness at times. I apologize to those who were on the receiving end of that - sowwy :o)

My field of a yard. I. love. it.
The weather has been absolutely bee-u-tea-ful lately so I came home the other day and just sat on the porch and soaked up the smell in the air and tried to let go of all the things that don't matter and just focus on what does - the marriage, not the wedding. Don't get me wrong, I am super excited about the wedding and its going to be a blast, I just have to remember the whole reason for the wedding in the first place and that is the free, total, faithful and fruitful bond of me and that cutie i am smooching on the picture. heyyy

Thursday, September 8, 2011

oh presents! for me?

I’ve been trying to make a conscious effort to be more appreciative and thankful in my life. It’s not always the easiest thing, especially when you are having a crummy day or you have some grumps in your life, oh so many grumps. Every night, I have made it a goal to write down, (on real paper with my two little hands) 4 or 5 things that happened today that were little gifts. I actually stole, well borrowed, this idea from someone on the radio who had been doing it for years and he was so enthusiastic about this practice and said it radically changed his life. So I said to my little self, what the hey, I can totally do that - maybe it will make me as enthusiastic as this fella is, although I would be pretty enthusiastic too if someone was actually willing to broadcast my pip-squeak voice on a national radio broadcast.

Anyhoo, the list doesn’t have to be huge giant things, like having a job, or your health, or family etc., (although, obviously, being thankful for these is important everyday) I like looking at the small things you probably won’t remember a couple of days from now – unless you wrote them down, hint hint. I have to admit I broke my own rule and skipped yesterday, but here is my list from Tuesday:

1. 1      The WEATHER! It was perfect for fall frolicking. It literally made me skip down my driveway to check the mail – I looked like I was 12, but it’s cool, 12 was a good year for me.
2. 2      I brought my lunch in a green reusable grocery bag and it was a butterfly magnet! It was so cool, I have never seen so many butterflies brave enough to fly up that close to me. You go little butterflies.
3.3       I usually eat lunch by myself on the lawn and a coworker actually waved to me! Yay you can see me! I guess I most have looked sad and lonely or something, but I wasn’t, I was nibbling on my scranwhich and soaking up the awesome weather and humming a little Coldplay to myself.
4. 4      There has been some craziness around my almost hubby’s (2.5 weeks to go :D) work sitchy-a-shun and we were able to plan out a few more things that really eased my mind.

I deeply and sincerely believe these little things, however insignificant they may seem in the big scheme of things, were little gifts that I was given that day that made me stop and remember all of the blessings in my life and the good Lord who gave them too me J I’ve already got 2 things on my list for today…. Yay!

Gratitude is not only the greatest of the virtues, but the parent of all of the others – Cicero (106–43bc)

Friday, September 2, 2011


Meet J and K (thats us!)

Yeah, we kind of like each other, but I won't hit you up with too much mush-y-ness yet!

A friend of ours, Randy Lee, did our engagement shoot a couple of months ago, he did a fantabulous job if I do say so myself.


Welllllll hello there my dear!

I making it a personal mission to make sure I get this blog up and running! I am not so good at remembering things, but I am halfway ok centering people in pictures :) Lookout world, i'm about to publish things to the interwebs. ENJOY!

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