Friday, October 28, 2011

Mates of State

yup. thats me in the middle.
thats my I am going to squeal like a little girl as soon as I leave the room and look at this picture face.

aka I can't help myself from being a dork, can I please talk to you guys face.

I have many faces. But this face is samwiched between the two halves of my favorite band Kori and Jason of MATES OF STATE. I got to see them play last night and meet them after the show.

 93% trazy amazin', dancin my toes off, 7% melting like a marshmallow, be my friend, please? 


If you aren't familiar with Mates of State they are a killer husband and wife band. They always give each other cute looks when they are playing onstage (awww). And they bring their two little daughters on tour with them (bigger awww). 

Ah, if only I could have them tutor me in their ways so I could one day make awesome music and raise my little munchkins while being awesome and touring the country.

I was lucky to get to the show early and get right up close so I could take some of these awesome pictures. I stayed late and got to take a picture of them. They are so sweet, can't get enough of them!

OH! And Kori has blog too where she talks about her little family, its called band on the diaper run.
too. cute.
i just melted a little bit more.

If you would like to take a listen the video below is from when they were on the Late Show with David Letterman.

Is there a band that you really love and would to see live? Or one you've seen that put on an amazing show?

Thursday, October 20, 2011

even my desk accessories accessorize

I would like to introduce you to my lovely desk accessories for the month of October, hipster skeleton (who is inspired by, and a big fan of Hipster Cop) and Roberta (who kindly requests people refrain from drinking pumpkin spice lattes around the office in her presence).

Roberta would also like to remind everyone she is in fact a girl pumpkin, which is why I fashioned her a most excellent bow.

In other news I got a free flu shot today from work. Yay shots!

Of course I acted like a baby on the inside (mommmmmy!) but I think I kept my cool on the outside I was probably just a couple shades whiter than normal -  but hey its cold outside.... I can get away with that.

My arm is a little sore. I keep walking around with my left arm like its in an invisible sling and only using my right arm. Not entirely sure why I am doing this, maybe out of fear it might fall off or it might spontaneously start doing something peculiar that I won't be able to control. 

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

mer, i'm a dork

It finally got cold today! Which means its actually appropriate to wear my boots :) It wasn't as awesome to wear them in the 90 degree weather we've had for the past couple of days - i didn't know my shins could sweat so much.

In other news I feel like I giant dork trying to take pictures of myself. How do all of you people do this and not look like an idiot. Its particularly difficult, especially without a remote it goes something like this:

Turn the timer on.
Run to where the camera is focused.
Brush the hair out of my face
Try to look like a normal person
Run back to the camera
noooo i'm all blury and I look like I'm giving you the stink eye
sigh, let's try again

These were the best of the bunch. I'm not sure the interwebs is ready for full on dork version of me yet.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Old friends with a side of fender bender

Sometimes being a grown up and having your own place and big kid stuff is awesome.
Like when you get to:
- Invite your friends over for an impromptu party
- Blast some awesome jams at whatever volume you please and pull off a Tom Cruise Risky Business moment
- Eat ice cream mhhm, i mean, non-traditional food for breakfast ..... or lunch ..... or dinner
- Spend money on awesome things of your choosing (when you have money that is - ha ha .... ha)
- Buy all of the food you like at the grocery store - mmm cheetos

But then every once in a while, being a grown up is for the birds
Like when you get to:
- Pay lots o' bills (I mean lots people) for really unfun things - like trash pickup - yayyyy trash pickup
- Be responsible for cleaning, um, everything
- Save money instead of buying said awesome things of your choosing - I hope my senior citizen self will appreciate all this saving money jazz
- Fix your grown up sized mistakes - like maybe a minor medium sized fender bender

Our good friend came to visit and  unfortunately got into a wee bit of a fender bender. We got a little taste of this grown up fun by trying to help him out. Thankfully no one was hurt and I wasn't in the car at the time (I almost went). But now there is this little matter of about $1200 to fix a car. Yayyy - car repairs.

Besides all of that unfun fender bender stuff, we had a wonderful weekend hanging outside and enjoying the weather :)

Friday, October 14, 2011


Aren't Fridays the best?

I certainly think so. I know today is going to be a wonderful day. Why you ask?

1. I am wearing my lucky and very sparkly Steve Madden flats to work (they even sparkle in the dark cave that is my cubical)

2. Husband bought me my fav-o-rite bagel from Breuger's this morning
3. I also heard one of my current favorite jams on the radio while on the way to work

4. The best man from our wedding, aka, one of the coolest people I know, is coming to visit and is picking me up from work
5. It's FRIDAY, hewo, how could that be a bad thing?

What are you enjoying about your Friday?

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I see London, I see France..

Oh my.

I did something pretty embarrassing today.

I was thoroughly enjoying my outfit choice for the day. I wore this cute vintage skirt I've had for quite some time with a pair of black stockings. I thought it was a perfect office attire for a fall day. And then the fun began.  I got to work, went to the bathroom, and somehow being the genius that I am managed to tuck the edge of my skirt into the back of my stockings. My backside and a full shot of my undies were totally visible from behind. And me? I'm completely oblivious that I looked like a total goof and I just trotted right out of the bathroom.

Thank heavens a female coworker spotted me from a distance (it was that bad) and tracked me down with a loud "Excuse Me" and then promptly made some nice hand/body gestures to point out what I had going on behind me.

Insert me - MEGA red blushing face, very pipsqueak like 'thank you'. Turn as fast as my little body can to walk away - facepalm. Sit at my desk and wonder what coworkers I'm going to have to avoid this week.

I felt like I was in kindergarten again.I'm pretty sure that's the last time I had this problem.

I hope you enjoyed my embarrassment for today :)  You aren't lucky enough to get any underwear shots though.

The guilty skirt in question
I also got my haircut since the wedding. I couldn't take the long hair anymore. I'm thinking of going even shorter.....maybe.

Monday, October 10, 2011


Living in my own little small town world, never in my whole life had I been west of the Mississippi River, but I finally hoped on a plane (for the 3rd or 4th time in my life, again - small town life) with my 1day old husband and off we went to the wild west! yehaw!

luggage, security, bags, tickets, check!

Up in the air.
My ears hurt? Oh, there we go.
Peanuts for me? Wait, why are there only 10 peanuts in here?
Soda!... half a soda? Well i guess the peanuts are proportional to the amount of soda I get.
Crazy turns, a couple of scary bumps and skkkkkrrrrrrrrrttt we are back on solid ground.
Ground I am so beyond happy to see you again!!

We stayed in Breckenridge and got to drive around Boulder and Denver for a day. It was amazing. The mountains were enormous. Rocky Mountain National Park blew my mind. Something I think every American needs to see in their lifetime.
West 1 East 0

It defiantly took me a while to get used to the altitude though.

wheeeeeze huuuuuuuh huuuuuh
are the stairs wheeeeeze in Colorado wheeeeeeze extra steep wheeeeeeze or something?
ummm, no - that's just the thin air.
what air? where's the air? give me some.

Sea level has its perks.
West 1 East 1

Us by the entrance to RMNP. Yay for strangers offering to take your picture...our self pics are helpless

Watching the sun slowly rise on the mountains on our way to Boulder

View of Main Street in Breckenridge from our mega awesome condo

One of the many many gorgeous pull offs from the road through RMNP

I had to get a shot of the pumpkins with the mountains in the background, if you squint real hard and get really close to your screen you can see the mountains. They're there I promise.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Lucky 13

Today I've officially been married for 13 whole days.


I can't wait to get all of the pictures back from our photographer, but for now I just get to see family and friends photos as they trickle in (and you get to see a couple too!)

making the rounds to say hi, hi, hiya to all of our guests


Jr. Cousins
Cousin love

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

sweet as honey

I have officially become a honey entrepreneur! Hooray! My new hubs and I are working on bottling about 500 pounds of the stuff this month! Its a pretty awesome company with a firm belief in giving back to the community. I can't spill all the beans now :) you'll find out soon!

PS i got this awesome illustration from threadless

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