Monday, October 10, 2011


Living in my own little small town world, never in my whole life had I been west of the Mississippi River, but I finally hoped on a plane (for the 3rd or 4th time in my life, again - small town life) with my 1day old husband and off we went to the wild west! yehaw!

luggage, security, bags, tickets, check!

Up in the air.
My ears hurt? Oh, there we go.
Peanuts for me? Wait, why are there only 10 peanuts in here?
Soda!... half a soda? Well i guess the peanuts are proportional to the amount of soda I get.
Crazy turns, a couple of scary bumps and skkkkkrrrrrrrrrttt we are back on solid ground.
Ground I am so beyond happy to see you again!!

We stayed in Breckenridge and got to drive around Boulder and Denver for a day. It was amazing. The mountains were enormous. Rocky Mountain National Park blew my mind. Something I think every American needs to see in their lifetime.
West 1 East 0

It defiantly took me a while to get used to the altitude though.

wheeeeeze huuuuuuuh huuuuuh
are the stairs wheeeeeze in Colorado wheeeeeeze extra steep wheeeeeeze or something?
ummm, no - that's just the thin air.
what air? where's the air? give me some.

Sea level has its perks.
West 1 East 1

Us by the entrance to RMNP. Yay for strangers offering to take your picture...our self pics are helpless

Watching the sun slowly rise on the mountains on our way to Boulder

View of Main Street in Breckenridge from our mega awesome condo

One of the many many gorgeous pull offs from the road through RMNP

I had to get a shot of the pumpkins with the mountains in the background, if you squint real hard and get really close to your screen you can see the mountains. They're there I promise.


leigh said...

I can see the mountains! But I love the pumpkins more. :) :)
Love, Leigh

Bon Bon said...

You definitely picked a gorgeous destination! Thin air and all:-) xoxo

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