Thursday, October 20, 2011

even my desk accessories accessorize

I would like to introduce you to my lovely desk accessories for the month of October, hipster skeleton (who is inspired by, and a big fan of Hipster Cop) and Roberta (who kindly requests people refrain from drinking pumpkin spice lattes around the office in her presence).

Roberta would also like to remind everyone she is in fact a girl pumpkin, which is why I fashioned her a most excellent bow.

In other news I got a free flu shot today from work. Yay shots!

Of course I acted like a baby on the inside (mommmmmy!) but I think I kept my cool on the outside I was probably just a couple shades whiter than normal -  but hey its cold outside.... I can get away with that.

My arm is a little sore. I keep walking around with my left arm like its in an invisible sling and only using my right arm. Not entirely sure why I am doing this, maybe out of fear it might fall off or it might spontaneously start doing something peculiar that I won't be able to control. 

Happy Thursday!


Erica said...

Hahah I love this! I like how the thumb tack on the hipster skeleton doubles as a ring lol. You have such a cute blog! Also, congrats on the recent wedding :)

Wida said...

Aww! You should give her a name! The pumpkin hehe

Missing Amsie Blog

Lindsay R said...

haha i LOVE how you accessorized. way to keep it glam at work.


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