Monday, October 17, 2011

Old friends with a side of fender bender

Sometimes being a grown up and having your own place and big kid stuff is awesome.
Like when you get to:
- Invite your friends over for an impromptu party
- Blast some awesome jams at whatever volume you please and pull off a Tom Cruise Risky Business moment
- Eat ice cream mhhm, i mean, non-traditional food for breakfast ..... or lunch ..... or dinner
- Spend money on awesome things of your choosing (when you have money that is - ha ha .... ha)
- Buy all of the food you like at the grocery store - mmm cheetos

But then every once in a while, being a grown up is for the birds
Like when you get to:
- Pay lots o' bills (I mean lots people) for really unfun things - like trash pickup - yayyyy trash pickup
- Be responsible for cleaning, um, everything
- Save money instead of buying said awesome things of your choosing - I hope my senior citizen self will appreciate all this saving money jazz
- Fix your grown up sized mistakes - like maybe a minor medium sized fender bender

Our good friend came to visit and  unfortunately got into a wee bit of a fender bender. We got a little taste of this grown up fun by trying to help him out. Thankfully no one was hurt and I wasn't in the car at the time (I almost went). But now there is this little matter of about $1200 to fix a car. Yayyy - car repairs.

Besides all of that unfun fender bender stuff, we had a wonderful weekend hanging outside and enjoying the weather :)

1 comment:

jkd said...

hope you're not hurt from the fender bender. but i love spending time with friends :)

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