Tuesday, November 1, 2011


All of this crazy weather that the north east is having is making me think a lot about snow.

I know losing power and driving around in it is the pits, but I have to tell you
 I’m kind of a big fan of snow…….and puppies. 

Meet my sister’s dog Frosty, and my dog Penny.

Frosty - snow lover

Penny - snow hater

Penny does not share my love of snow, she is a snow hater.

This is a big problem in our relationship.

 Crunch crunch. Crunch crunch.
Oh look you can see my foot prints! 
Oh and his little paw prints!! More walking!!
(crowd grumbles, penny whimpers and plots how she is going to tinkle on the rug later).

I have only gotten to see snow 3 times in my whole life. This might explain my fascination with it.
These photos are from last winter in Louisville. It started snowing at night but my sister and I were so excited we went outside and jumped around and took pictures.  Wheeeeeee!!

Are you a snow hater or snow lover?


Dawn said...

Hi darling, nice to meet you. I am following along with you too. I loveeee snow,cold,ice, hail, rain, cold windy days. love it all. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo

Erica said...

Great pictures! Your dogs are so adorable! :) I too love the snow. Every year back when I lived in St. Louis I would have to go play in the snow every time it snowed. No matter how old I got, I was always the first one to put on my snowsuit and grab a sled haha. Also, I didn't realize you had a pinterest! I just started following you :)

lowercase letters said...

what cute and fun pictures! i don't really care for snow... guess that's why i was born and still live in the south! :)
i'm so happy you stopped by my blog! i love the look of yours... so fresh and beautiful. i love it so much i'm following! <3
don't forget about my GIVEAWAY!

Bon Bon said...

I am and will always be a snow lover!:-) My city goes berserk when it snows...doesn't matter if it's a "blizzard" or 3 snowflakes, we go crazy for the stuff! xoxo

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