Monday, November 28, 2011

turkey with a side of cheetos

I sincerely hope you had a fan-tab-u-lous Thanksgiving. Mine was filled with family, turkey, baby Christmas trees, trying my hardest not to burn anything, thanksgiving cheetos, and a large amount of goofing around.

My table, well house really, wasn't big enough to hold everyone so we dined al fresco! My father-in-law even helped by preparing the thanksgiving cheetos!

Never heard of thanksgiving cheetos you say? Just pour cheetos in your favorite festive serving dish and wham, instant thanksgiving cheetos ;)

 I am so grateful for my family and their health and happiness. While its always good to be thankful for the big blessings in our life, its fun to be thankful for the little ones as well, like our thanksgiving cheetos, or the amazing expressions my little brother makes in photos.

Whats 1 big and 1 little thing that you are thankful for in your life?


Lost&Found said...

Big: my fiance
Little: coffee in the morning

This was really hard. There really are so many things that I am thankful for!

RACHAEL said...

big thing-- blessings in disguise
little thing-- air conditioning (because it is SO hot here at the moment!)

i love that you had an al fresco thanksgiving :) we don't celebrate it here, but i wish we did.. i'm so desperate to eat pumpkin pie!!

lowercase letters said...

oh buddy, i love me some cheetos. i shoulda come to your house for thanksgiving! ;)
looks like a grand time you had. love the pictures, especially the silly one. :)
big<3 my family that loves me no matter what
little<3 watching my mom wrap christmas gifts in the den floor right now LOL

lowercase letters said...

p.s. i LOVE that y'all ate outside. eating outside is best<3

Kelly said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

You guys look like you had a fun Thanksgiving! It looks nice and warm too, I miss the warmth :(

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