Wednesday, December 28, 2011



Did you notice I changed my header? I really like how it turned out :)

In other news, I accidentally ordered something off of etsy from Thailand yesterday.
sooooo I guess I'll get it in about a month, oops.

Speaking of etsy, I'm also thinking of starting my own etsy store for all of my doodles and then doing an awesome blossom GIVEAWAY (so stay tuned y'all). 

I know a lot of you gals and guys out there have an Etsy shop.
Any suggestions? general rants and raves about Etsy?


J.Mill said...

I think I've bought things off of etsy (I think... that's sad!). I love just roaming around that site in general. It was like Pinterest before Pinterest.

I did, however, notice that a vendor that I lusted after for wedding dresses (before I found my dress maker) ended up getting terrible reviews from clients and then changed her shop's name to continue to give bad service and rip people off. I'd say that transparency is key when you own any shop. Make sure you know what is being said about you and have Yelp reviews to support your good ethics! And of course, provide a good product and good service.

Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

1. you should start an etsy store!
2. i love how you accidentally ordered something from thailand! what did you get?!
xo TJ

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