Thursday, December 15, 2011

i heart sharpies

I love me some Christmas,
but my list making has really gotten out of control.

Presents lists,
my secret naughty and nice list,
grocery lists,
work to-do lists,
home to do lists,
things i would really like to do but probably will never get to do lists.
You get the picture.

and thus I have resorted to the sharpie pictogram you absolutely must get this done today or else bad things will happen list

 so far its proving to be a winner,
although i do occasionally smudge it and confuse myself trying to decipher the smudges.
Still working on how to fix that one.
I'll put it on the list


Annie said...

Hahaha this is awesome! I LOVE lists...but they can definitely get outta control this time of year... Maybe you should get a special glove for that hand so you don't smudge it...then you could be obsessive list lady with the one - gloved hand :)

The Other Side of Gray

Jennifer said...

Haha! That is awesome! I do the same thing with pens...but the marks wash off to quickly though.

Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

ha, love this. i used to always write things on my hands when i knew i had to get something done. that's the only way you know you'll see it.
xo TJ

mL said...

how cute! hahaha, love it!

following u! hope u can follow me back =)

memory said...

i love making lists, but it looks like yours is getting to be overwhelming, hehe(; guess what? i did the accent vlog!!(:

C said...

Oh! I can so relate! Stumbled upon your blog randomly via a comment on The Daybook. Thought I'd stay awhile. Love your engagement ring! I love ovals! What is the center stone?

kaitlin {bee-loved} said...

Why thank you so much for stopping by for a bit and saying hello :)

I love my ring so much, the center stone is an aquamarine, which is my birthstone.

C said...

Thanks for sharing! It is a lovely ring! Ovals and halos are my favorite. Your blog is very refreshing--I just started following you on Pinterest.

Not to be weird or overshare (what a way to start a sentence!), but I confess that you remind me a bit of myself a few years ago. I think in real life, we'd be friends. My husband and I were college sweethearts and got married in late September 2007--just months after college graduation. It was a crazy whirlwind that seemed to take on a momentum of its very own. I know it is a very busy and exciting season of life. Time sure flies, and at the age of 27 {eek!}, we are coming up on our fifth wedding anniversary this September. Love is the best. And it makes me happy to see others happy. Even others I don't know! All the best to you and your husband on your adventure together!

kaitlin {bee-loved} said...

aw that's so sweet of you to say :) One of the reasons I really love to blog is because I get to me such lovely people as yourself! I agree, seeing people be happy is kind of contagious in a way.

Happy five years and counting! I can only dream of where my husband and I will be in 5 years. I saw you followed me on pinterest and followed you back! Now we are interweb friends! Hope to see you around these parts more often :)

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