Monday, December 19, 2011

monday, monday

Dreaming of this past weekend to bring me out of my Monday blues. Last minute Christmas shopping, antiquing, Mexican Coke, and napping on the couch :) Only 5 days until Christmas! and two days until we leave for back home! eeep!

Who's excited?

me me me!

Anyone else traveling to someplace fun for the holidays?
wishing you safe travels in advance :)


Simply x Classic said...

i kinda feel sad that the holidays are almost over! this is my favorite time of year!!! have a wonderful christmas and a safe trip home! =)

answertheunasked said...

If you think northern Indiana is fun, then yes! Merry Christmas!

Daniela said...

I don't drink soda but coke taste better in those bottles, I've heard!

memory said...

mexican coke? what's that like??

we are going to disney world this friday for a week and i just can't wait! it's my first time ever.(: have you been?


p.s. i loved your comment today. yes, family and love is SO wonderful! i just am so thankful for my family. i bet you have a terrifc one too!(:

Elle Sees said...

there was this big study that mexican coke tastes the same as regular coke...i refuse to believe said study.

Katie said...

mexican coke sounds cool! sweet photos :)

(ps yes my iphone has an & on the cover! - from

Katie x

jessica said...

I don't know what Mexican Coke is, but any soda is 10 times more amazing out of a glass bottle! :)

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