Friday, December 2, 2011

Snowflake Garland DIY

If you are like me, the urge to make something awesome comes late at night after I've been on pinterest for way too long. Many times I don't have the necessary materials, expensive supplies, nor the skills of Martha Stewart to pull some of that stuff off. So, never fear broke, moderately skilled crafters! This one is for you!

What you'll need:
1. Computer Paper
2. Scissors
3. String
4. An Iron and dish cloth

Tips and tricks:
  • Step 5 is really the hardest part. You have to make sure your 'V' is even on both sides and not lopsided this will ensure all of your points come out even.
  • Don't be afraid to refold if necessary, the wrinkles will come out when you iron it.
  • Your design must stay below the dotted line in Step 7
  • Use the Iron on a low setting without water in the tank. Make sure the steam setting is off.
  • No Iron? No problem. Leave the snowflakes in a heavy book overnight.
  • My cutting is kind of intricate, it might be too hard for little ones, when in doubt use big shapes like triangles, hearts, circles galore.
  • Draw on your snowflake with a pencil because little pieces of ink will remain, I only used a bright color so that it would show up in the pictures. 
  • You don't have to draw out a design
  • Other ideas for these awesome snowflakes
    • Glitter. You will be sparkly all over for at least 3 days.
    • Use colored construction paper 
    • Add them to presents instead of a bow
Questions? Leave me a comment below :) Happy Christmas, and happy crafting!


lowercase letters said...

cute and fun! love it kaitlin!
thanks for your comment! so awesome you have a tee shelf... i agree, t-shirts hold SO MANY wonderful memories. :)

Katie@{The Allred Abode} said...

Wow love the ironing idea! Just started following your blog! I would appreciate if you could check out mine, The Allred Abode

mallosaurus said...

yeah the ironing idea is BRILLIANT! i love easy-to-read tutorials. kudos :)

mallosaurus said...

(psst, ps i just "pinned" it!)

leigh said...

SO cute! I keep wanting to make snowflakes with my students!!
Love, Leigh

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