Saturday, December 31, 2011

well hello 2012

2011: Best year ever
Got engaged
got a big girl job
found a snazzy house to live in
got married to my bff hottie husband
went on an awesome trip to colorado
had happy/healthy/safe family members
bought a man truck for da hubs
rang in the new year in style!

 2012 is going be a wonderful year, I can already tell.
Some of my goals for the year include serving God and others more, being more health conscious, and pursuing working for myself in some capacity.
Who knows what 2012 will bring but I can't wait to find out!

What are you hoping will happen in your life in 2012?


memory said...

glad you had a great year, kaitlin! i hope that twenty-twelve is even better for you (:

i'm hoping to GRADUATE from highschool this year! woot woot (:

p.s. i'd love to see a pic of this man truck because they're my fav (:

Purposely at Home said...

welll, it sounds like you have had a very prosperous 2011! ;) there is no tellin what's in store for me in 2012....;D happy 2012 to you and the hubby.


Nicole said...

what a great year. i also married my best friend, bought a house, and did heaps of traveling. isn't it fun to know we have a whole entire year of newness ahead?!


The lady said...

your blog is so cute, glad i found it!

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