Monday, January 30, 2012

beachy keen

Where are you winter? Its been so unseasonably delightful around these parts lately I don't know what to do with myself.
I can play outside? But it's January?

It's confusing me - and also confusing some of the plants in my yard that have already started blooming.
 Bewildered and all, I still love the respite from the bitter cold. 

We decided to take and impromptu road trip yesterday to the shore line and dig our toes in the sand.
There were dozens upon dozens of clams in the tide pools we also tried to dig up, but all successfully evaded our capture, and thus our stomachs. I never thought catching a clam would be so hard, but they are fast little things.

.....until next time clams

Since we couldn't fetch our own dinner, we decided to stop at a little seafood joint, where we literally watched the boats pull in with their latest catch. mmmm mmmm.

1 comment:

memory said...

i love the shades. i was trying some similiar ones on in target the other day, trying to decide if they were 'me', ya know? i walked out of there without them. makes me kinda sad i did. just maybe i'll go back and get them. :)

oh and hello you deserved to be mentioned in that post!?! happy v-day very early! <3 kachow :)

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