Friday, January 27, 2012

DIY Oh My!

Sometimes you see an awesome DIY project and you think to yourself "ah, piece o' cake, I'll be able to finish that before lunch and then have time to nap later"

This was exactly what I thought would happen when JR and I decided to make our own coffee table together.

ha, ha, ha 
good one

In my humble opinion, DIY projects never seem to work out they way you planned. Sometimes they turn out better, maybe you ended up getting materials on sale, and sometimes (as in our case) you learn things the hard way. We failed to follow the sage advice of measure twice cut once, but besides that... I am absolutely thrilled with how its coming together.

As you can see by the pictures JR is the handy one in this group - he also looks quite stunning in plaid if I do say so myself.

We aren't quite done yet, but I will be sure to put some pics up when we are!

What about you, ever have any DIY projects that didn't quite go as planned?


memory said...

it seems like it'll take just 30 minutes, but then it turns into an all day project with lots of extra trips to town for supplies. (that's how it works for this family, at least)

kachow. <3


Janine said...

almost all my diy projects don't go as planned. it's a running joke in this house, but you can bet i am not about to stop now.

Anita said...

Most of my DIY projects somehow fall into place most of the time but I've done major ones, haha.

xoxo, dania said...

i love diy projects! looks like that one is going to turn out great!

Petra said...

my diy projects are usually very small, fix something a certain someone has been promising to fix for ages, and turns out I can do it myself... the bigger projects usually turn into a bit of an adventure. but that's part of what I like about them...

AaReAn said...

oh that is my life story lately...I guess I have this "perfect image" of what my DIY projects will turn out like and then they don't and I'm so sad haha but I guess that is the beauty of the DIY projects right?!?! Except I haven't taken on something this big! Brave brave! I am excited to see how it turns out!

p.s. I just posted a DIY valentine project on Color Issue (but on a much MUCh smaller DIY scale compared to yours haha)

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