Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Making changes all over the place

Oh, um, hey, do I know this blog?
 Oh fo sho girl, it's one of your faves, we go way back! 
We just gots a shnazzy new name that's all! 

 So in case you didn't notice and you have no earthly idea what I am talking about this blog has officially changed from beeloved to anna&agnes
Ta da!

You wouldn't believe how many places you've typed your blog name, until you have to change them  all that is. So please excuse our construction round these parts as I continue to get everything all swapped around!

AND I have one more awesome blossom change to announce: my new hurrr cut!
If I didn't have amazingly dorky elf ears I think I would be daring enough to rock an Emma Watson pixie cut for a bit. Who knows maybe one day I can pull it off but for now I prefer to keep my hair long enough to cover my ears.

 Please excuse my awkward before picture! I meant to take a composed picture but realized right as I was about to get shampooed and transform into a wet dog that I forgot to take this said fancy before picture! eeek! So what do I do? I whip out my phone and take the picture at the last possible second like the true procrastinator I am. I guess looking like a total dweeb is the cost of procrastination. oh wells!


christine donee said...

LOVING. the. cut.

memory said...

i loveeeeeeee it.


Kelli Anderson said...

fun new hair do!!! i love fresh changes (:

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