Monday, February 20, 2012

The Sunny Side of Mondays

If you're like me and 97.8% of other human beings, there is a large section of your brain that despises Monday.

So, Monday, since you have such a bad rap, I'm going to try to help you out with some
positivity vibes. 

I'm not talking glass, half full, I'm talking glass totally full.
...because, even though Monday's are kind of the pits, your life is still amazingly delightful and awesome, filled with more blessings than you could ever count

so here are some sunny thoughts that have brought sunshine to my Monday

1. Sometimes I like to pretend that my life is like Toy Story, and all of the stuff and toys on my desk move around and talk to each other when I'm not there

2. Following a bunch of people that have cutie pie puppies/babes/baby bunnies on instagram to get a mini pick me up at any point in the day, squueee! (ps want to follow me on instagram? find me under krawley)

3. Reading blogs that bring a smile to my face :) fun! fun! fun!

4. Planning on getting some family pictures framed and being in awe of some the the totally rad 90s fashion trends that our parents dressed us in. 

5. Speaking of the 90s, Boy Meets World is apparently on Netflix instant now? I had the biggest crush ever on Sean and his jean jacket, swoon!

6. Listening to Colleen Nixon, the Bandoliers, Phantogram, and Tennis - and trying my hardest not to sing along at my desk and do a little shoulder shake to the beat

7. Daydreaming, and coming up with ideas for more awesome doodles and blog posts!

What's something sunny that's on your mind this Monday?

1 comment:

memory said...

Eeek! You mentioned my blog... and said it brought a smile to your face! And said it was fun! I'm so excited because of that! :D
I lovee Calikatrina. Haven't heard of In Honor of Design but I'm a new follower because of your mention!
The Toy Story life cracked me up. :) You are just too good.


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