Thursday, March 8, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

  • Having the cashier at publix check my driver's license and then exclaim "WOAH' and proceed to tell me how much i looked like Flo from the Progressive commercials. I then accidentally made a weird face (something i accidentally do a lot), and then there was a nice long pause before I stumbled to get a "err, ...thanks" out of my mouth. Obviously after that point i focused my eyes on the credit card machine so intently one would have only assumed it was giving me tomorrow's winning lottery numbers.Obviously cashier was over talking to me at that point, oh for the love of awkward silence.
Source: via Staci on Pinterest

(oh btw, i got this from someone's Halloween costume Pinterest Board, oh yeah)

  •  Going to the doctor and having to talk about bodily fluids, not once but twice, telling it first to the nurse and then after waiting for 30 minutes in a small, fluorescent, cold and windowless room and telling the same exact thing to the doctor.
  • Walking Marty McFly (my doggy) and having him take a #2 in someone's yard as they watch from the window of their house. Yes, I am a responsible pet owner and I picked it up. Which brings me to my next awkward point
  • Learning the best way to bag Marty McFly's smelly #2's and not gag and have to hold the bag at least 4 feet away from me at all times, like it's going to suddenly combust at any instant if it gets too close to me. 
  • Did I mention my new friend Marty McFly enough yet, he's pretty awesome.

  • All of this pleasant weather we've been having. Oh hello, Mr. Sunshine, so nice to see you again!

  • Someone in my office being extraordinarily awesome and putting this gem on our bulletin board in the break room. 

  • This book I'm reading about Dr. Paul Farmer, it's pretty awe inspiring, I highly recommend.
Source: via Cynthia on Pinterest

What about you? Have anything amazingly awkward or awesome happen to you this week?

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Camille said...

that was a weird reaction from the clerk! hihihi
i love the solo poster!

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