Sunday, March 11, 2012

Food Truckin'

Being the lucky ducks that we are, my newest Nashville recruit Lauren and I don't have to work on Friday afternoons. So these are typically reserved for adventures about town while all the rest of our fine friends are still off working for the man.  I'm not sure who was the genius at our office who came up with that plan, but I'm a big fan of theirs.

Most recently we decided to check out Food Truck Friday. These lovely little restaurateurs on wheels seem to be popping up all around town. I'm probably late the party because originally the concept of having to chase your favorite food around town seemed silly to me. Lauren and her big city Atlantian ways was trying her hardest to convince me otherwise, so I was along for the ride.

Lauren's getting excited about the impending food truck tastiness.
We hit up the YWCA, which is where several of the trucks were parked for the afternoon and scoped out the scenery. There were several good options to choose from, a hearty southern style truck, a gourmet mexican truck, and one that specialized in grilled cheese.

I was skeptical at first, but alas, I have been converted to the ways of the food truckers... one bite of my heavenly sandwich from the Grilled Cheeserie and I was sold. Not only did their "My Cousin Vinny" sandwich taste amazing with it's smoked pastrami, oozing cheeese, and special sauce on marbled ryed... they sold bottled soft drinks, which alone was a one way ticket to my heart.

In case you happen to be bopping around Nashville anytime soon, you can locate these delicious folks by following them on twitter @GrlldCheeserie, @yayosmg, and @MereBullesTruck.. I'll definietly be stalking down the Grilled Cheeserie again in the near future and their friends too! What about you, find any good food around your town lately? It's okay if it's staionary! :) 



kaitlin {anna+agnes} said...

wacca wacca, i had some stationary bbq this weekend, it twas quite delicious.

thats a mexican coke btw! its made with cane sugar instead of corn syrup. Don't you feel way healthier now? mmm soda.

wuv woo seester

Jennie said...

One time, and by one time I mean that this was a month ago, I bought one of those bottled Coke things. Turns out I don't own a bottle opener so there it stays, four weeks later, on my counter mocking me. It is a terrible thing.

memory said...

Why is it that my little town does NOT have food trucks? Send them over please!


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