Monday, April 30, 2012

Maine to Florida

Four o' clock came very early this morning, but I made it out the door somehow with 2 shoes on and in an outfit that matched (as opposed to my awesome pink pj pants and killer tshirt in my slippers)

I was very sad to drop JR off at the airport, but he's going a great giant whale sized adventure! He lands in Bangor, ME today and will hop on his bike (after a bit of logistical setup and navigating of course) and go!

He is riding all the way back to Florida on his bicycle, and it should take him about 5 weeks to complete. It's a bit of a bummer that we both will be alone (me at home, him riding by himself) but I have resolved to call/text/message/facetime/email/blog/telegraph/postcard/smokesignal/morsecode him as much as humanly possible.

Hopefully this won't annoy him, but hey, I would want to talk to me if I was JR,.....right JR?

Anyhoo, best of luck JR!! You can follow along with him here JR's Bike tour blog!


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