Thursday, May 17, 2012

10 States

Yup, that's right, JR has officially pedaled his little patushka through 10 states in the past 3 weeks.

Who has two thumbs and is really impressed? This gal!

I made a little map to keep track of him on the road and I hung it (well taped it) to my cubicle wall. I love check lists and countdowns galore, and this is just a little something (along with extra keebler cookies) that is keeping me sane while he is gone. Anna herself gave me the cute little bicycle paper clips!

If you would like to read up on his journey you can find him and his little bike too here on his blog!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


I have to admit, since joe has been gone my cookie intake has increased dramatically. And when I get extra sad I eat 2 of my favorite granola bars for breakfast instead of one. I've been doing everything from antiquing to piano playing to stay busy and distract me from being alone (and my urge to eat the whole box of Keebler cookies in one sitting while enjoying an HGTV marathon)

Someone please entertain me! Or at the very least, prevent me from buying any more cookies at the grocery store!



Thursday, May 10, 2012

Greetings from Martha's Vineyard

JR sent me this pic from his bicycle journey from Maine to Florida. He is in Martha's vineyard and it looks so beautiful! So jelly! Wish I was there too!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Road trip anyone?

JR has been sending my some awesome small town pictures as he is traveling down the coast of Maine on his bicycle. These pictures make me incredibly happy for two reasaons 1) kind of makes me feel like I am there and some of this stuff is pretty dang cool, and 2) I know he is still alive and not lying in a ditch somewhere flattened to pieces by a trucker or held hostage by the guy from the texas chainsaw massacre (can you tell I am a worrier?)

Before JR left for his trip we were dreaming and scheming of how we could take and epic cross country road trip in a van and still have enough money to eat everyday. Well Monday JR happened upon a guy who had some sort of VW repair shop I think and had this awesome beauty for sale and it had only 37k miles and was in mint condition!

It really made me swoon and realize how badly I want to get out of this fluorescent rectangle of a workspace I am forced to be in all day and be out in the sunshine, exploring the back roads that wind through small towns and miles open land. Is there such thing as office fever, you know kind of like cabin fever, but only a result of being stuck in an office all day every day??? If not I officially deem office fever a real thing, and declare just how truly uncool it is. My only cure: that awesome VW van with a full tank!



Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Maclay Gardens

Happy feast day of St. Joseph the Worker! To celebrate, I will be working..... with dignity! hooray!

This weekend was spent not working (thank heavens) and I soaked up every minute I could before JR headed out for his month long bicycle trip [follow along here]. We had some family in town and we went to the amazing  Maclay Gardens. It was literally like being in a story book (except for the fact we got kind of sweaty, I don't ever recall any fairy tale characters getting sweaty).

Before this outing I had never given the word 'garden' much thought.I have never been to a real garden before, just people's yards I guess you could say, yards with mini farms. When I hear garden that's what I think of, a mini farm with tomatoes and flowers, or someone's yard that they diligently mow and keep the bushes from looking all crazy and unkempt.

The Maclay Garden was entirely different from my suburban view of a garden aka mini farm/yard. The garden was actually at one point in time someone's yard and then converted to a park in the 50s. I felt like I was on a movie set, or that I was going to see a gigantic castle pop out from around the corner, or that maybe birds and squirrels would suddenly start congregating around me and dancing if I started singing.

Sadly I did not see any dancing squirrels, but I did have a blackberry snow cone that turned my tongue purple, and an absolutely lovely time with JR and his family. If you are ever in Tallahassee, I highly recommend visiting Maclay Gardens!

xoxo Agnes

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