Thursday, May 3, 2012

Road trip anyone?

JR has been sending my some awesome small town pictures as he is traveling down the coast of Maine on his bicycle. These pictures make me incredibly happy for two reasaons 1) kind of makes me feel like I am there and some of this stuff is pretty dang cool, and 2) I know he is still alive and not lying in a ditch somewhere flattened to pieces by a trucker or held hostage by the guy from the texas chainsaw massacre (can you tell I am a worrier?)

Before JR left for his trip we were dreaming and scheming of how we could take and epic cross country road trip in a van and still have enough money to eat everyday. Well Monday JR happened upon a guy who had some sort of VW repair shop I think and had this awesome beauty for sale and it had only 37k miles and was in mint condition!

It really made me swoon and realize how badly I want to get out of this fluorescent rectangle of a workspace I am forced to be in all day and be out in the sunshine, exploring the back roads that wind through small towns and miles open land. Is there such thing as office fever, you know kind of like cabin fever, but only a result of being stuck in an office all day every day??? If not I officially deem office fever a real thing, and declare just how truly uncool it is. My only cure: that awesome VW van with a full tank!



1 comment:

Sasha Fitzgerald said...

Omg! His trip looks amazing! I'm jelly too! :P I also really love those retro vw vans/buses. I would totally travel the globe in one of those! (and in style too hehe)

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