Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tropical Storm Debby Downer

Tropical storm Debby (aka Debby Downer, wahhhh wahhh) crawled through Florida this weekend. I didn't see the sun shine for 96 hours or so! Is this Seattle? Or England? Someone fetch me some tea and crisps!

Marty is a lucky pup to live in Florida. He refuses to go out in the rain. Are you even a real animal Marty?

Cut to me, sopping wet in a rain coat trying to coax him out from under the porch for twenty minutes while he stares at me with his sad puppy eyes. Puppy dog eyes, why do you have so much power?

Monday, June 25, 2012

Dog to Blog

So according to twitter, which you know, is incredibly reputable about these sort of things, Friday was take your dog to work day! My awesome pup, Marty McFly, is way too cool for my company (or maybe it's that my company is way too lame to let him inside, either way).

pup pic 3

It would be awesome to bring Marty to work with me. He could sit under my desk and keep my toes warm, eat all of my memos, and play fetch with my coworkers. To follow up being that awesome in one day, he would probably have to balance it out by tinkling somewhere in the building, but hey I would still love him.

Since I couldn't actually take Marty to work with me, I took him to my blog instead! I don't do self photo shoots often, because they make me feel like a dork, but I tried something even more difficult than a self photo shoot, a self photo shoot with an easily distracted dog. Dog to Blog, or dog blog party? I like both :)

puppy pic

pup pic 2

PS - did you know we have a twitter?
You could be missing out on gems such as these from our twittering brains:


Thursday, June 21, 2012

Scenes from asheville

In the middle of JR's epic bicycling adventure, I was lucky enough to skip work for a couple days (suckers!) and drive myself up to Asheville, NC to meet him. Making the long hour drive by myself was an adventure all its own - if it's possible to overdose on caffeine without actually dying, I'm pretty sure that's what happened. I was shaky and exhausted, but oddly wide awake and focused at the same time. I was spotting squirrels crossing the road from a mile out while simultaneously letting out the largest yawns. It is an experience I really don't wish to repeat

Asheville, however is something I would repeat in a heartbeat! Once in Asheville, it was wonderful to see the mountains, the art galleries, antique shops, the Biltmore, and of course stuff our faces with amazing food [i still have dreams about some of the beer I had there]. I really would love to live in Asheville, the smell of the mountains alone is enough of a reason. I never really understood why laundry soap and air freshener brands all had 'mountain fresh' scents until I visited the mountains - they really do smell quite lovely! It was a calming experience to know that every time you walked out of a building your nose would be greeted with that lovely mountain fragrance.

Is there a city you love to visit over and over again?

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Maine to Florida: He made it!

I am so excited to share that after 5 long weeks, JR made it home safely from his east coast bicycling adventure! Hooray! These past 5 weeks seemed to pass so slowly, but I am over the moon to finally have JR back!

Needless to say, after a month alone at home by myself, I was a little bit lonely. Marty, our pup, and any  other animals I happened upon were the only ones I had to keep me company. I still have a rather large spider which I named Charlotte who inhabits the back corner of my mailbox. I am terrified of large spiders, but Charlotte and I have come to an understanding - don't move when I open the mailbox and I won't smash you to bits.

I am so delighted and so proud that JR made it home from his adventure in one piece. He successfully peddled himself and his packed bicycle all the way from Maine to Florida, a whopping 1800+ miles! He came back in great shape and has quite and impressive farmer's tan to boot!


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

We updated our about page!

I have recently discovered I love to make digital collages! Check out my latest one and a little diddy about both of us on our about page!

snail mail from Germany!

Have I mentioned how much I love getting snail mail!? Maybe I enjoy it so much because it seems like a novelty in this age where we spend too many waking hours in front of glowing rectangles. I am friends with every type of snail mail - junk mail, catalogs, packages, thank you notes, greeting cards - except bills of course, bills and I do not get along.

I  love the way catalog photographs look when you can hold them in your hand on a piece of paper - whether it's a dreamy j. crew catalog of things I will never be able to afford, or the group shot of the local jiffy lube team who obviously were coerced by their boss into having their photograph taken, they just look better on paper in my opinion.

Although I mostly get catalogs and bills (frowny face) in the mail I was so delighted to receive my friendship bracelet swap letter all the way from Jana in Germany! *Big Smile* Jana was sweet enough to make a bracelet for both Anna and I and wrote us a little letter! All I can say is THANKS SO MUCH JANA, they are beautiful! What a fun swap put on by B and Leigh. If I could have only put a camera on the outside of the envelope to see how it traveled all the way here to my front door in Florida.


Monday, June 18, 2012

Backyard Patio Party

So if I ever happen to own a patio... I would love to fill it with some of these lovelies! I will warn you several of these are expensive, like 4x my paycheck and sell your left foot expensive, so don't get too attached, unless you  have recently sold a limb.

clear chair here
yellow chair here
white table here
rug here
pillows here
lights here

Happy Summer!


Thursday, June 14, 2012

In the blue ridge mountains

While we were in Asheville, NC we took a scenic drive down the blue ridge parkway. It was breathtaking to say the least! We stopped over at graveyard fields for a little hike and I made the mistake of asking JR to take a picture of me. I will be the first to admit, I have a coordination problem, but hey, give me some credit those rocks were hard to walk on.

What you can't tell by these *oh so lovely* photos of me flopping around is that the water was FREEZING. While I was calf deep in the water with my teeth were chattering, JR was having a blast making me stay in the water as long as possible by acting like a grandpa who couldn't figure out how to use the camera - what a trickster.



Monday, June 11, 2012

Ode to Florida in the Summer

I know Summer. Believe me - we are well acquainted, I live in Florida. Summer weather starts here in March and lasts until October. It's quite dreadful at times.

Now, before everyone in Michigan and Canada get their knickers in a twist, I would just like to remind you of how awful it is to be sweaty and in humid heat all the time:
  •  you are constantly anxious that you smell like a dirty sock and you have to sneakily find a way to do the underarm sniff test
  • you make midnight runs to the grocery store for milk, bread, and deoderent 
  • forget about wearing your hair down outside, it just turns into a sauna on the back of your neck, only not a good sauna, one that smells like you are sharing it with a garbage fresh raccoon  
  • you can make a wide variety of baked goods on the dash of your car, my goal this year is to try blue berry muffins
  • even your dog won't go near your shoes (or the garbage raccoon for that matter), they stink that bad from the puddle of sweat that occupies your shoes all day long
  • you always have to shave your legs because you'll melt instantaneously if you wear pants outside for more than 5 mins (believe me, it happened to a fellow classmate of mine)
There are some wonderful things about Florida in the Summer, they mostly involve water, rain, and air conditioning, but I'm frankly to sweaty to think of them right now. I will have to make and ode to Florida in the Summer part II sometime.

Friday, June 8, 2012


If I was every a character in a fairy tale, Biltmore would surely be my castle - minus the overuse of velvet and strange wall coverings throughout the house.

I would eat cheeze doodles in a chaise lounge overlooking the blue ridge mountains, and my butler - who would have a name like Winston, or Geoffrey, and most certainly have a British accent - would bring me strawberry mojitos and compliment me on my outfit choice.

Biltmore is absolutely breathtaking, the epitome of American opulence, plopped in the most picturesque place, the blue ridge mountains. I was amazed to learn that at one point, the land around Biltmore was completely exhausted. When the Vanderbilt family built the Biltmore in the 1890s the blue ridge mountains were bald! Just used up farmland with a sad looking tree every hundred acres or so. They reforested the land so that now we can enjoy thousands of acres of lush wilderness, and so that I can sip my mojitos with a splendid view!

If you are ever in Asheville, NC i highly reccomend visiting the Biltmore! The tickets aren't cheap, but hey where else can you see stuff like this without trouncing all the way over to Europe?
And since they don't allow photos to be taken inside you will just have to go see it yourself!

have a wonderful weekend


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