Friday, June 8, 2012


If I was every a character in a fairy tale, Biltmore would surely be my castle - minus the overuse of velvet and strange wall coverings throughout the house.

I would eat cheeze doodles in a chaise lounge overlooking the blue ridge mountains, and my butler - who would have a name like Winston, or Geoffrey, and most certainly have a British accent - would bring me strawberry mojitos and compliment me on my outfit choice.

Biltmore is absolutely breathtaking, the epitome of American opulence, plopped in the most picturesque place, the blue ridge mountains. I was amazed to learn that at one point, the land around Biltmore was completely exhausted. When the Vanderbilt family built the Biltmore in the 1890s the blue ridge mountains were bald! Just used up farmland with a sad looking tree every hundred acres or so. They reforested the land so that now we can enjoy thousands of acres of lush wilderness, and so that I can sip my mojitos with a splendid view!

If you are ever in Asheville, NC i highly reccomend visiting the Biltmore! The tickets aren't cheap, but hey where else can you see stuff like this without trouncing all the way over to Europe?
And since they don't allow photos to be taken inside you will just have to go see it yourself!

have a wonderful weekend




Jordan Jaked said...

I've lived in North Carolina for over eleven years, and I still haven't been to Biltmore. Fail. I will see it someday. Someday, I tell you.

(I made it to Versailles first...)

Sasha Fitzgerald said...

Wow! Stunning photographs. The Biltmore certainly is gorgeous!

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