Monday, June 25, 2012

Dog to Blog

So according to twitter, which you know, is incredibly reputable about these sort of things, Friday was take your dog to work day! My awesome pup, Marty McFly, is way too cool for my company (or maybe it's that my company is way too lame to let him inside, either way).

pup pic 3

It would be awesome to bring Marty to work with me. He could sit under my desk and keep my toes warm, eat all of my memos, and play fetch with my coworkers. To follow up being that awesome in one day, he would probably have to balance it out by tinkling somewhere in the building, but hey I would still love him.

Since I couldn't actually take Marty to work with me, I took him to my blog instead! I don't do self photo shoots often, because they make me feel like a dork, but I tried something even more difficult than a self photo shoot, a self photo shoot with an easily distracted dog. Dog to Blog, or dog blog party? I like both :)

puppy pic

pup pic 2

PS - did you know we have a twitter?
You could be missing out on gems such as these from our twittering brains:



Jordan Jaked said...

pups are the best!!

i love that last photo of you two! so cute.


his little lady said...

okay, i'm absolutely in love with your dogs name. how clever!! and he is such a gem.
p.s. you should take more photos girl, you are just gorgeous! :)
xo TJ

Tamara @ Go Fish Style said...


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