Monday, June 11, 2012

Ode to Florida in the Summer

I know Summer. Believe me - we are well acquainted, I live in Florida. Summer weather starts here in March and lasts until October. It's quite dreadful at times.

Now, before everyone in Michigan and Canada get their knickers in a twist, I would just like to remind you of how awful it is to be sweaty and in humid heat all the time:
  •  you are constantly anxious that you smell like a dirty sock and you have to sneakily find a way to do the underarm sniff test
  • you make midnight runs to the grocery store for milk, bread, and deoderent 
  • forget about wearing your hair down outside, it just turns into a sauna on the back of your neck, only not a good sauna, one that smells like you are sharing it with a garbage fresh raccoon  
  • you can make a wide variety of baked goods on the dash of your car, my goal this year is to try blue berry muffins
  • even your dog won't go near your shoes (or the garbage raccoon for that matter), they stink that bad from the puddle of sweat that occupies your shoes all day long
  • you always have to shave your legs because you'll melt instantaneously if you wear pants outside for more than 5 mins (believe me, it happened to a fellow classmate of mine)
There are some wonderful things about Florida in the Summer, they mostly involve water, rain, and air conditioning, but I'm frankly to sweaty to think of them right now. I will have to make and ode to Florida in the Summer part II sometime.

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