Thursday, June 21, 2012

Scenes from asheville

In the middle of JR's epic bicycling adventure, I was lucky enough to skip work for a couple days (suckers!) and drive myself up to Asheville, NC to meet him. Making the long hour drive by myself was an adventure all its own - if it's possible to overdose on caffeine without actually dying, I'm pretty sure that's what happened. I was shaky and exhausted, but oddly wide awake and focused at the same time. I was spotting squirrels crossing the road from a mile out while simultaneously letting out the largest yawns. It is an experience I really don't wish to repeat

Asheville, however is something I would repeat in a heartbeat! Once in Asheville, it was wonderful to see the mountains, the art galleries, antique shops, the Biltmore, and of course stuff our faces with amazing food [i still have dreams about some of the beer I had there]. I really would love to live in Asheville, the smell of the mountains alone is enough of a reason. I never really understood why laundry soap and air freshener brands all had 'mountain fresh' scents until I visited the mountains - they really do smell quite lovely! It was a calming experience to know that every time you walked out of a building your nose would be greeted with that lovely mountain fragrance.

Is there a city you love to visit over and over again?


Jordan Jaked said...

oh, asheville.

it's so beautiful.

my best friend is getting married there in august. i cannot wait.

his little lady said...

all great shots, girl!! sounds amazing!
xo TJ

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