Tuesday, June 19, 2012

snail mail from Germany!

Have I mentioned how much I love getting snail mail!? Maybe I enjoy it so much because it seems like a novelty in this age where we spend too many waking hours in front of glowing rectangles. I am friends with every type of snail mail - junk mail, catalogs, packages, thank you notes, greeting cards - except bills of course, bills and I do not get along.

I  love the way catalog photographs look when you can hold them in your hand on a piece of paper - whether it's a dreamy j. crew catalog of things I will never be able to afford, or the group shot of the local jiffy lube team who obviously were coerced by their boss into having their photograph taken, they just look better on paper in my opinion.

Although I mostly get catalogs and bills (frowny face) in the mail I was so delighted to receive my friendship bracelet swap letter all the way from Jana in Germany! *Big Smile* Jana was sweet enough to make a bracelet for both Anna and I and wrote us a little letter! All I can say is THANKS SO MUCH JANA, they are beautiful! What a fun swap put on by B and Leigh. If I could have only put a camera on the outside of the envelope to see how it traveled all the way here to my front door in Florida.



Jordan Jaked said...

such a neat idea!!! i love snail mail too :)

Lissa @ The Looking Glass said...

oh LOVE snail mail and those friendship bracelets are too cute!! excited to follow your blog! xo

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