Thursday, July 12, 2012

School teacher skirt fix

I have incredibly fond memories of kindergarten: Storytime, the giant colored cardboard building blocks, and my plastic pink mini mouse lunch box that my mother would tape my milk money to. What I really remember most from kindergarten was my teacher, Mrs. H, and how sweet she was. Mrs. H had a poof of black curly hair that sat on top of her head that bounced about when she moved quickly. She always wore tea length skirts or dresses and she could have passed for Elaine Benes from Seinfeld (played by Julis Louis-Dreyfus)

Inspired by the tea length wardrobe of my Elaine look-a-like kindergarten teacher, I spotted this beauty of a skirt at good will for $2. YES, you read right only 2 buckaroos!

In an effort to live out the age old motto of 
'Use it up, wear it out, make do, or do without'
I made not one rad item out of this tea length skirt but dos!

It's actually incredibly simple procedure for those that have a sewing machine and the ability to cut in a straight line, both abilities which I can dutifully credit to my excellent middle school education.

1. Find a tea length skirt
2. Determine where you want the skirt to fall and lie the skirt flat on the ground with the seams aligned and make a straight cut leaving and extra inch or so for the seam fold over

Marty couldn't understand why he wasn't allowed to lay on the new 'rug' i was playing with o n the floor

3. Have a friend help you pin the skirt to the desired length while you are wearing it
NOTE: Make sure you use a friend you can trust with sharp pins and will not poke you in the shins
4. Iron the hem flat so that it is easy to sew
5. Sew your hem!

I took the extra ring of fabric from the bottom, repeated the pinning and hemming process and, ta-da, made an incredibly stylish scarf!

The finished skirt and scarf!

6. Wear your new skirt and scarf about and play with your pup (if applicable)


Mandy@OrangeAutumn said...

I'm really impressed by your craftiness!! I love the skirt, it turned out great!

Elizabeth said...


his little lady said...

oh, how cute! i love how you were able to make a skirt and a scarf out of it!! :)
xo TJ

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