Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Thoughts: To the grocery we go!

What is it about a good grocery store that makes you spend money, or want to spend money?
One minute I am perfectly content, and then I walk into my favorite grocery store and it's like I haven't eaten in three months. I then proceed to buy food like I have the salary of three months saved up from all of that non-eating.

The candy bars, the fancy juices, the frozen chicken wings that come with a side of 6 cookies for dessert. I can't get enough of the junk food that calls out my name as I merrily bounce down the isle pushing my cart which is already filled to the brim with flappy's frozen waffles, and snicker's ice cream bars. I am a sucker for the convenience of frozen food and fun looking things that come in a pretty box. That being said, I eat a lot of frozen pizza that is accompanied by box white wine.

I have recently decided to eat more vegetables. Although they don't come in a fancy box (which means we are using less packaging, which means less trash, which means smaller landfills, ultimately meaning Al Gore is sitting fatter and happier in his air conditioned mansion, right?) vegetables I'm finding aren't as evil as I suspected them to be as a child, and sometimes can be quite tasty. So if it's possible to have a second half of the new year's resolution, this is it: vegetables are cool in my book, invite them to dine with you at every meal, and its ok to occasionally add sauce to the nasty ones to get them down.


Jordan Jaked said...

i adore veggies!!!

[especially in the fall. there is NOTHING like a little roasted butternut squash.]

Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

I'm a vegetarian who is plant-strong, so I know I'm biased, but VEGGIES ARE SO GOOD. :-)

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